TRESCUBI was established by three partners as a civil company in 2001 in Wrocław, Poland. Those days we were focused on creating teleinformation networks, providing the Internet solutions for businesses, and web hosting services. The beginning of 21st century seemed to be a blooming period of the Internet development. Nowadays, companies ever so boldly use the possibilities provided by the Internet. TRESCUBI has been constantly exploring the issue, working on different tools and services that support company exposition and online sale. We are also permanently searching for solutions that help attract various customers. One of our innovative CMS systems is “HerodotCMS!” which has been implemented by more than 200 www services. “HerodotCMS!” is integrated with other IT tools such as; surveys systems, polls, newsletters, SEO and optimization tools.


Some of our new customers at that time were the leading companies within the development and building materials industry as well as cultural and local government units from the Wrocław and Polish markets. We create solutions for them that support business operations ranging from consulting through project management, internet marketing, technical assistance to the integration of complex multi-tasking systems.


The following years were crucial in developing internet applications. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have started to create unconventional solutions tailored to individual needs. Due to a large group of customers from the development industry, we focused on solutions dedicated to this group.


During this period, we started working on our flagship system supporting the sale of real estate and Customer service – 3CRM Developer. In later years, we expanded it with tools for long-term rental management – 3CRM Property.


At that time, we created a solution supporting the management of a group of employees in the 3WORK Management field. A modern tool based on the Internet network allows you to control and coordinate the team's work in the field. Extended with analytical and reporting tools, it allows you to generate reports for clients and analyze the work and performance of individual teams.


In 2016, TRESCUBI was registerd in Malta as TRESCUBI LTD.


In 2the same, we started working on a system supporting comprehensive management of a production plant -3MES Production. It is an application based on internet technology that combines ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System). The implementation of the system in the enterprise creates the possibility of controlling production processes, optimizing the efficiency of the machine park, increasing the team's work efficiency, reducing the time needed to implement new products, handling the management of materials and tools warehouse, and optimizing orders.


When working with our partners we strive to achieve our customers' business goals through a proper operation strategy, simplified decision-making processes and the use of the latest technology. Our approach is based on the desire to strive for excellence, and the effects of our work are the results of a specialized team of people who turn their passion for work into functional solutions.






Forrest Court, Apartment No. 15
Mensija Street
St. Julians, STJ1965, Malta
VAT Reg No: MT 17081909


Ta Mikieli

Triq Tal Qacca

Xaghra, XRA1162, Gozo

tel. +356  7928 32 94
e-mail: office@trescubi.com


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