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Czarna Ggora Apartments LTD (CGA) has been running a business since 1996. It is a real estate development company operating in the tourism industry. The pillar of the development activity is the construction of tourist accommodation facilities in
the form of aparthotels or condo hotels.


The company's business profile is based on the construction, sale, sublease and rental of the previously mentioned property in the tourist services market. Czarna Góra ski station, one of the largest in Poland, established from scratch and also managed by CGA, offers a wide range of facilities for
the entire accommodation base.

Currently, CGA manages 150 rooms in an apart hotel and 480 apartments in seven buildings. Another facility with 84
apartments is under construction and for sale
. The existing accommodation base offers 1700 beds. A few words about the Client



We encountered problems on many levels, a core example of such being; limited access to information and documents. This applies to sale, sublet and rentals. Problems arise from the multitude of tools that were being used at work and the lack of real-time
synchronicity between them.

The needs analysis showed the possibility of effective improvement of the company's functionality in all areas of its operation.


For development activities, it is an improvement in the process of customer acquisition and sales management as well as the process  of sublet and inflow of related information within the enterprise.

For activities related to the management of sub-leased real estate, the key need is to streamline processes related to financial flow and automate the process of settling the costs of sublease. We should also bear in mind the flow and availability of information.


The tourist area of activity consists of managing 1,700 beds in six investments in three locations, as well as in gastronomical and
recreational facilities, and a ski resort.


The main diagnosed needs are the improvement of information flow between the individual segments of the enterprise in order to operate the joint tourist offer (accommodation, meals, additional services such as swimming pool, sauna, massage, yoga,  nstructors, sports equipment rentals, ski lifts).

The second area is human resource management for seasonal workers, which at the analysis stage was based on intuitive
actions rather than rational factors.


Another important area is the optimization of occupancy and short-term revenue, and the need to intensify activities related to reaching an even wider group of potential customers with the offer.



When planning the solutions, we set ourselves a goal in regards to the organization of work so as to, above all, increase the
availability of all information
regarding the sales and tourist offers, as well as information about customers. At the same time, taking care of easy and quick implementation of information by every employee involved in the processes.


We want to implement our solution that will enable the integration of systems in the area of joint operation of all units within the company.

This will allow the flow of information in real time and thus enable access to all necessary information immediately after its inclusion in the database from almost every cell of the company. This is especially important in enterprises such as CGA where offices and customer service points are spread out in a large area. Our solution is optimized in terms of work autonomy, which has proven to be beneficial and has given individual employees the possibility to work from outside the office, which is especially important in the current pandemic times.
The created database would also be a source of information for designing employment strategies in the future.


With such a wide scope of information collection and influencing the functionality of all departments of the company, it required
us to take into account mobility and adaptation to the needs of employees in all integrated cells.



Availability of a large amount of information, regardless of its usefulness, may limit the employee's efficiency due to the difficulties in obtaining specific information. More people, more information, more thinking. One’s actions can increase the effort needed to organize work or slow down data navigation, potentially resulting in lower productivity of employees. The challenge was to balance  the customer's need without limiting the efficiency and performance of their employees.


Previous customer experience has allowed us to understand how individual processes could look like, in order to meet both
requirements. Some of the aspects we took into account when designing the system include:


People naturally want to act fast:
While working, one automatically looks for the fastest paths of progress. When creating the system, we tried to limit the necessity to click and enter data to the minimum amount possible, using all the information previously entered into the system.


People interpret actions in their own way:
People use different psychological models in their work – teams, products, projects, people – where the standards may vary. The
guidelines and procedures should therefore be clear and intuitive in order to cut through individual instincts.


We had to consider every single detail of these behaviours before moving forward.



We had a goal and we knew the challenges that awaited us, but how did we deal with this problem? TRESCUBI established a trusted working group in which it gathered employees of CGA SA who represented all departments of the company.


To begin with, the group defined a set of principles that reflected our goals and guided our ideas:


creating a common area of operation for all units of the
enterprise and unifying common areas of various units


the widest possible access to the created area, unlimited by
place, technology or technical possibilities


independence of work for individual people, teams, units

personalising the area with regard to the unit, team, person


Simplicity and clarity
intuition is our motto, simple operation ensures easy and
pleasant use and speeds up the performance of tasks



industry, enhanced with machine-learning algorithms supporting the process related to the employment of seasonal staff.

The main modules of the new platform are:


           3CRM Developer -
lead management, sales process suport,

   3CRM Property
hotel systems, rental management and

   24ORDER Channel Manager
short-term rental optimiser, channel manager
    development and implementation of an algorithm supporting the strategy
of hiring seasonal workers, taking into

Integrated platforms allowed for "flipping" the necessary data between departments, saving them time and work that would be
spent on re-entering them. The integrated platform also means up-to-date information on the current offer.
The solution is based on web technology, thanks to which access to it does not require hardware with a specific configuration,
but only a basic computer with Internet access. The technologies used allow one to use the tool even with a very low signal level, which does not exclude working in remote places with limited Internet access.


The applied authorization system allows each user to work independently, while personalizing the information displayed
for him as regards to the group it belongs to, team or the activties performed.


Simple and intuitive interfaces, partly also responsive, adapter to the tasks performed, facilitate everyday work,
allowing you to focus on the problem and not the tool.


A uniform and broad information base is the basic source for the analysis of everyday work and the ground for creating
strategies for the future.



Furthermore, the working group produced handbooks and an audio guide to the new platform, and incorporated it into the
training we organized for all users of the system. The working group also carried out some control activities, regularly checking
the platform to eliminate non-conforming behaviour standards, especially in the area of information implementation. We've also
created an easy-to-access help channel where employees can raise concerns, comments, or simply ask a question.




We've been using the new platform for three months and so far we consider it irreplaceable. For the most part, the employees
have quickly mastered the friendly interface and adapted to the system. Access to all information has partially elevated us to the
next stage of our development. We believe this will have the impact we intended to achieve, and we will continue to grow as we
share the views of our employees and observe emerging trends.


Karolina Haczkiewicz
Seo S. Haczkiewicz HM Sp. K
Members of CGA SA Group


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